System Validation

In-depth analysis and large-scale, sophisticated validation testing

Convenient, cost-efficient testing, managed remotely

With the accelerating pace of application updates, hotfixes and version releases, you simply may not have time to adequately meet your testing requirements with in-house resources. Advanced Validation Services can help, with remotely managed testing.

The comprehensive testing and risk mitigation capabilities of Validation Guru, together with the support of our expert services team, deliver structured testing strategies built on decades of experience, to help ensure that your systems are fully validated and compliant.

Our services team can help design and execute one-off or continued testing schedules that employ the Validation Guru suite of tests. In-depth analysis of the environment plus large-scale, sophisticated validation testing ensures that the system remains clean and stable so that the next go-live is faster and smoother.

The Validation Guru Defect Tracking System allows issues found during testing to be documented and defined for retesting. This links directly to the Validation Guru results and automatically brings in the associated screen prints, risk and description to attach to the defect. Our services team provides documentation and feedback on every issue found, along with suggestions on resolution.
Validation Guru

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